System Selection

The application of zinc coatings by spraying is a method of anticorrosive protection. It has the following advantages over hot dip galvanizing or electroplating:

  • Possibility to metalize structures at the construction area
  • No limitations on the dimension of coated elements
  • Possibility to mend the coating on constrution site (welding areas, mechanical damages, etc.)
  • High resistance against mechanical damages
  • Sprayed zinc coating has higher durability and its thickness can be easily adjusted to suit the operational requirements
  • Zinc spraying eliminates the risk of thermal deformations of protected elements

Corrosion Control Large Diameter Wires

High production Thermion Arc Spray Systems are using either 3/16" (4.763 mm) or 1/8" (3.175 mm) aluminuum, Zn/Al or zinc wires. These units are designedto be used in portable field applications such as bridges, water tanks, transmission towers, wnd mills, light poles, etc., where access is limited and turnaround times are short.
  • Precision Arc 3.2 Anti Corrosion - Moderate production - though put production rates of up to 37 kg of material an hour over 15 m2 at a thickness of 250 microns.
  • Precision Arc 4.8 Anti Corrosion - High production - though put production rates of up to 86 kg of material an hour over 44 m2 at a thickness of 250 microns.

Engineered Coatings/Hardwires both Solid and Cored

The AVD series units are ideally suited to spray hardwires for use in electrical, anti-fretting and wear, reclamation of dimension, clearance control and environmental applications used in manufacturing and remanufacturing. Our unique AVD technology allows for successful spraying of 1/16" (1.588 mm), 2 mm, 3/32" (2.381 mm) aluminums ,bronzes, chromes, nickels, stainless, tungsten etc. Our most recent advancements allow for the spraying of 1/8" (3.175 mm) diameter hardwires. This will double, if not triple, the production rates experienced previously in these specialized industries.
  • AVD 350 - Engineering Coatins, anti corrosion, Restoration - normal production - though put production rates of up to 9 - 14 kg an hour using 1/16" (1.588 mm) or 3/32" (2.381 mm) diameter solid or cored hardwires.
  • AVD 450 - Engineering Coatings, moderate production - anti corrosion, restoration - high production, though put production rates of up to 37 kg of material an hour using 1/16" (1.588 mm), 3/32" (2.381 mm) or 1/8" (3.175 mm) diameter solid or cored hardwires.

About metalizing technology used in Thermion Arc Spray Systems

Thermion's exclusive inventions for thermal spraying (metalizing) improved the twin wire arc spray metalizing process in coating quality, productivity, portability and adaptability.
  • High Deposition Metalizing - maintains 70% deposit efficiency while spraying zinc at 86 kg/hour.
  • Arc Shorting Control - this technology was patented due to its unique ability to control arc shorting in the arc spray process therefore maintaining a steady arc.
  • AVD (Arc Voltage Drive) - eliminates arc shorting and automatically adjusts wire feed to maintain a perfect arc which improves coating density and eliminates coating defects due to arc sputtering.
  • Six Roll Drive - this drive guarantees a non-slip positive wire feed with knurled feed rollers then removes the knurl effect when feeding continues through the liners and tips.
  • Combination Leads - these leads accomodate the wire, power and air, enables the front end assembly to be light yet handle amperages necessary to perform high deposition metalizing/arc spray.